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Our company was started  with a small team, a small investment and a large desire to produce high quality Event Trailers

With 30+ yrs combined experience in on-site operation, rebuilding and servicing event trailers we are more than capable of achieving our goal

Increasingly disallusioned,servicing and rebuilding the main stream manufacturers, generic, often poorly designed/ finished units, we took the plunge and the team set out to design,build and sell our own.

A case of building a better mousetrap !

We will not use the word Luxury as this has been done to death by the Industry.

Quality and Finish are our bywords, we encourage you to compare our specification against any other supplier cost for cost.

We grow because of our commitment, dedication and hard work to ensure we satisfy our customers         and we never forget it.

We are a friendly,straightforward company, no woofle, no false promises.

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