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rot proof shower
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is the series that covers the bespoke units of your dreams.

As such there isn't a "standard unit, whatever your needs we will incorporate it

We cover all  configurations from 1+1 to 4+2+3 and some you haven't thought of.

Starting with the chassis, we designed and manufacture our own, to maintain quality.

Commisioned steel sections to our specifications from a major UK manufacturer.

Specified stress relieving of the chassis prior to galvanising where needed

Revised suspension geometry to enhance towing stability, axles are made to our specification, not an off the shelf compromise

Body GRP panels are produced by a leading specialist, with a choice of over 25 colours

We can offer a range of 19mm to 53mm thickness  to cover any specific useage/insulation  requirement.

Bodies are Polyurethane bonded and rivetted on final assembly,
no nut & bolts to wok loose over time

Unique Service and Storage cupboard,
The entire front of the unit lifts on gas struts for unparalled access.

he cupboard cannot be blocked in when siting unit  in confined spaces

Your staff can work under cover in bad weather


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